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Nuclear Reactors for Space

Radioisotope power sources have been used as essential sources of energy since 1961. Nuclear power reactors use nuclear fission by the method of chain reaction. Special absorbers control this chain reaction, so the produced power depends on the demand for energy. What are radioisotope thermoelectric generators? Radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTG) are a source of power […]

The Unprecedented High-Tech X-Ray Map of the Universe

The mission of Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma (SRG) is a collaborative project of Russians and Germans. Their mutual aim was to make an X-ray map of the universe.  On 21 June 2019, the mission launched into space to create this first of its kind map. Of course, in the past other space telescopes were working with high-tech X-rays […]

Space and Energy: Four forces

What does the world consist of? Scientists have proven that the world is made up of thirteen blocks. However, our daily world is made only by three of these thirteen blocks – the up quark, the down quark, and the electron. In combination, they can make neutrons and protons, atoms, and molecules. The electron neutrino […]

Solar Power Stations in Space

Recent researches show that the Earth is facing severe issues with energy supplies. Because of the consumerism of today’s society, we are drastically running out of non-renewable resources. There have been quite a few projects and initiatives to minimize the use of non-renewable resources and start using renewable ones instead. However, they are not enough. […]

New Assumptions Claiming That Dark Energy does not Exist

Since the beginning of 1990, scientists have observed that the universe is not only expanding, but it is doing this at an increasing pace. The reason for this acceleration is supposed to be the so-called dark energy. However, a new study has brought up the subject that what may seem like a type of energy […]

NASA’s Way of Tracking Energy Through Space

Have you ever wondered how energy travels from the sun to the Earth’s magnetosphere? Some scientists consider this question of crucial importance. They claim that it would be beneficial to know how energy changes while traveling out of the sun and away in space. They are getting closer to revealing these changes, and this will […]

Energy out of the Cold of Outer Space

We all know that we can acquire power out of the Sun. There have been several plans of space – located solar stations that would provide us with inexhaustible solar energy. One of them is even going to become a reality in less than ten years. However, have you heard of getting power from the […]

What is Dark Energy?

In the past, scientists believed that gravity caused slowing down the expansion of the universe. No one had observed this process, but according to theories, it was supposed to be so. However, in 1998, the Hubble Space Telescope observations proved this theory wrong. They showed that a long time ago, the universe had been expanding […]

Cosmic Rays: The prominent discovery of Victor Hess

Cosmic rays are particles from outer space. It is being observed that there are subatomic particles that fall on the Earth continuously. They can reach energies much higher than the most massive machine. The Austrian physicist Victor Hess is famous for having made a historic balloon flight that changed the existing knowledge of the matter. […]