New Assumptions Claiming That Dark Energy does not Exist

Since the beginning of 1990, scientists have observed that the universe is not only expanding, but it is doing this at an increasing pace. The reason for this acceleration is supposed to be the so-called dark energy. However, a new study has brought up the subject that what may seem like a type of energy could be just an illusion that is caused by the changing structure of the universe.

The New Speculations

A team of physicists from Loran University in Hungary and the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii are trying to prove that some approximations in Einstein's equations have caused serious side effects, which may seem like an unknown force that pushes space apart.

If dark energy existed, it would be 68% of the energy in the universe. However, it is tough to examine it in laboratories.

The idea of dark energy was convenient because it helped us to explain things like the shape of the universe, as well as some patterns of matter. However, the team of physicians from Hungary and Hawaii claims that right now, dark energy is nothing more than an empty box without any properties, so its nature of existence is hard to define.

The Cosmological Constant

Dark energy is supposed to be part of an essential part of empty space called the cosmological constant. This constant is represented by the Greek letter lambda.

It was Einstein who discovered that the cosmological constant is the reason why all the mass spread around the universe don’t pull back together, attracted by its gravity.

The theory of the cosmological constant got ignored when Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe was expanding.

Some decades later, it became clear that in the past, the universe was expanding at a slower pace than now, which brings the cosmological constant back in the game.

So now we have the cosmological constant working together with the dark matter. Combined, they make the Lambda Code Dark Matter, which explains how the universe evolves.

Physics against Mathematics

Of course, it is Einstein’s theory that laid the foundation of the lambda Code Dark Matter. However, his equations were very complicated mathematically. For hundreds of years, scientists still haven’t found what causes the effect of cosmic structures.

The team of scientists from Hungary and Hawaii claims that the mathematical equations of Einstein’s theory of relativity are hard to apply. They say that some approximations in this theory have ignored significant influences that might occur.

Is the Idea of Dark Energy Successfully Been Ignored?

The Lambda Code Dark Matter is a new idea, but throughout the recent years, there have been other speculations trying to ignore the concept of dark energy.

According to one of them, the dark energy could be explained as a kind of a deficit, as if the universe is losing its energy. However, according to physics energy cannot be missed. So this theory doesn’t appear to be plausible. The concept of dark energy remains a mystery.